BandGang Biggs - Call That Shit

Call That Shit

By BandGang Biggs

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BandGang Biggs - Call That Shit Lyrics

BandGang or no gang! Come on nah!

My bitch only f**k with me
Lame niggas no attention
I ain't changing on 6's
No Chief Keef, I'm bang banging on bitches
Now she can't walk, I disabled yo bitch
Got a cable long clip, It'll take yo whole clip (Repeat)
Turn to makeup, I'll paint yo whole whip
Its the BandGang bitch, we ain't taking no shit
White buffs Icy, gold Roley on wrist
Now I'm all in yo crib running stones on yo bitch
Sipping on a 5th, got me froze in the whip
I ain't slipping I'm on tip, I'll seal niggas lips
Pockets sole a grip, pocket rocket if he trip
Wake up at the bank, how can I collect my chips?
In the mall can't decide, man just give me all that shit
Aye Biggs what's been up? I can't even call that shit
Call that shit call that shit
I can't even call that shit
Aye Biggs what's been up?
I can't even call that shit
Meet a bitch and dog a bitch, cause that's how I'm cut
I'm Rosa Parks in the whip, get to the back of the bus
They like what's that there you sipping? I got that Act in my cup
Got Lil BroBro with me, rolling back to back blunts
He a shooter, he ain't went to see his P.O. in months
Keep him with me, f**k niggas 'tryna eat like they dumb
F**k around and have a seizure 'tryna keep up with us
You in the doctor I'm just waking up and meeting with plugs
Catch me at the doctor getting scripted for drugs
Met the plug he tried to play me on some shit we ain't done
Rolo left his ass stacking we be creeping for fun
Shit it's just me and my niggas we get lethal with guns
I can't stop man I'm never done
I got this bitch on lock on my mama and them
I chose just like myself, I could not be scared
Just had to get up out that kitchen it was hot in there
What I made last month, it's not even fair
I could take you for a ride but this is not a ferry
BandGang going crazy we so hot in here
Fat nigga with no mask bitch it's poppa bear
'Tryna sign me? I'ma need at least two of them millis
They ain't even seen my shit next to two of them Bentley's
Think I'm trippin'? I ain't trippin', it's f**k you really
Without some charge for my verses, it's two in your kidneys


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