BrazyRey - Bleed


By BrazyRey

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BrazyRey - Bleed Lyrics

On my way to the bank making a deposit 10Mill in my pocket
Rarri going about 80 going faster then a rocket as the tire screech on the street its burning on fire car electricity

[Verse 1]
B-B-Beat a bitch for the face shit
I think i'm too late
I'm not like your rapping boy i don't do this shit for fake
Like a socket so exhausting
Spinning like i'm feelings nausea about the vomit smoke in the car like a damn sauna
Bitch get home and he gone on my bed monsters all under all in my closet sleeping
Im not normal called my baby last week text me said she love me hit her ass with a laugh emoji and left her on read if the checks come in right
Im gonna do your dirty deed man my nigga was locked up think the lord that he free cutt a nigga throat open just to see a nigga bleed


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