C Will Do - Intermission


By C Will Do

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C Will Do - Intermission Lyrics

[Verse 1: C Will Do]
How you doing world? I'm talking today
About me yeah I'm cool but I kind of lost my way
I was going hard, trynna sell the pills
To the peers in my school just to feel how it feel (uh)
But I wasn't real with myself had to quit it but I didn't
Only trynna gain attraction from the women
The only problem: I was so intelligent
Got out of problems with my grades and my relevance
Dr. C said I had to get out of selling it
Wasn't really hearing it until one day
E got caught with weight and got put in his place
I thought it was cruel but that's how the game goes
You either die or go to jail and you're hardly making dough
The world is so cold, that's what I was told
By my mother, my father, my uncle, my bros
They wanted me to know that what I had was a gift
And not to treat it like a curse, turn evil like the sith

[Verse 2: C Will Do]
I talked to my teacher once again
No he's not a preacher but we talked about my sins
I was going in restating what I had
Talking bout my smarts topic switched to my dad
Then I became sad
Reminiscing bout the past
I've had a hard life, I wanted C to know it
Had demons reaching at my soul trynna overthrow it
I finally got it out, got it off my chest
Dr. C was stunned and I knew what was next
Environmentalism, it's what he does best
He said "The planet needs help and you're the best bet."
He got me out of trapping, encouraged my rapping
Told me what's happening with the coal and the fracking
And that's about it, kept me from getting stitched
And off the streets thanking him for the switch
To a better life...Thank you


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