Mannie Fresh - The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

By Mannie Fresh

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Mannie Fresh - The One That Got Away Lyrics

Fresh said don't worry about ya
(Don't worry about it!)
But I ain't gonna lie man
I had to write a little song about this situation, look
See, this right here is a story
Yo, let me share my story
My story 'bout the one
I ain't lyin'
The one that got away
I hope they hear me
(Go in)

Congratulations was the title with a message
I figured her engagement would go better if I blessed it
I know what I know, and I know she still love me
Even with that ring and that soon-to-be hubby (You're a fool)
She always had a boyfriend, I never was her man
It's complicated, only she and I would understand
We never even kissed, one time we came close (You never kissed her?)
But that ain't matter, I made love to her brain the most (Haaaa!)
She was loyal to her man though, he was a buster
That let me know if I ever got with her, I could trust her
She got nervous when she felt herself fallin' for me (No you didn't!)
So, she got distant, got ghost, and stopped callin' for me
Now I'm on Facebook, and I see she engaged (Oh my gosh!)
She ain't love him, she just scared to turn a new page
But I ain't trippin, I hope your marriage is quite fine
Like Badu, I'll see you next lifetime

She the one (She the one) She the one (She the one)
(Dude, c'mon)
She the one (She the one) She the one
(She is not the one)
The one that got away, the one that got away
(And I know that) The one that got away, the one that got away
(Maybe the 2, the 3, the 4, the 5, but not the one)
She the one (She the one) She the one (She the one)
(C'mon... really)
She the one (She the one) She the one
(Not the one. Not the one, son!)
The one that got away, the one that got away
(Okay, I'mma let you express yourself)
The one that got away, the one that got away
(Go in)

Huh, she never did respond to the message
I ain't stressin though, my attitude is like eff it (You know what that means?)
See me, I was just tryin' to be nice
I hope your marriage gos bad and you think about me your whole life (That's the first thing you said that makes sense)
And if you see me in the streets or in the parking lot
Don't even wave, oh I sound jealous? I'm not. (You are jealous)
I'm just honest and I promise I'mma get somebody who look more better wit' more cheddar and
I'mma be her king like corretta and
We'll go wherever and
I'll buy her whatever and (Nah, don't buy her nothing)
We'll be together times 2 that forever and
Fall apart never and
Our love will never end
Take that, huh
Yeah (For real though)
Take that, and if you gave me your heart right now, I'd prolly break that
Cause when I wanted it, I couldn't get it
Huh, I still feel kinda played, I admit it


So I was thinkin' like,maybe if I woulda kissed you that time
When we were watching TV, the you coulda been mine
Or maybe if I wouldn't a been on the ground writin' rhymes
Then our paths coulda intertwined (You was raised right)
Sometimes I think the stars were aligned
You was fine (I was tryin')
You was sayin' you was happy with your man (You was lyin')
I was buyin fitted caps goin' broke, steady spendin'
Just cause you said one time that I looked cute in 'em
We used to chill, talk deep, or study (Really?)
But I wanted you to love me, I didn't want to be your buddy (Really?)
I had a lot of females, but I was confused
Kickin' it with one girl wishin' she could be you (Aww, dude)
And you could be mine, I could be yours, we could be one
But future I didn't see one, so I focused on Dee-1
And that's 100 I thought you were the one
But the one that got away is what you've become

(Gosh, in life, you gon' either get played, or you gon' be the player
Now you gotta ask yourself, which one are you?

It's real out here, you heard me?
Dawg, she the tennis shoes and you the court. She bout to walk all over you.)



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