Dirty Dike - Ten Dike Commandments

Ten Dike Commandments

By Dirty Dike

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Dirty Dike - Ten Dike Commandments Lyrics

I been feeding my face with beers, all lazy and casual
No rules to this shit, I'm the craziest animal
I kept my rep ruthless and you respect, my games not whack, you get your face all slapped

Rule number uno - Give a f**k who you know
Talking out your cunt like my boy knows judo
The jealousy never seems fresh to me so shut the f**k up I'd rather puff and bust nuts

Number two - Never put your trust in a dumb slag
Strictly self medicate and meditate with skunk bags
She'll have your friends fighting like a bunch of dicks, scream blue murder in her face but never punch the bitch

Three - Never tick your mate a lump of coke and expect him to come back with nothing up his nose
The close ones will take the f**king piss kids trust me. I try not to think about it much cause it disgusts me

Four - When the pigs come to your door never reply and forever deny

Number five - Never give a verse to a prick, I don't care if he's sick at spitting verses for shit

Number six - Running out of credit? Forget it. Contract phone and pay-as-you-go for selling

Seven - This rule is so celebrated, keep your best friends and enemies completely separated
Family and pricks don't mix like stewed piss with no shit. Mix yourself a mystery dish!

Number eight - Never keep no hate 'round you, those slags in your crew they can break out too

Number nine should of been my consumption of piss that anytime you see a copper scream f**k the police
If you're hanging out with pigs then I ain't trying to listen. I'll be sitting in the prison ready to switch vision

Number ten - Never betray your best friends. Strictly respect when you didn't neglect them
If they ain't gonna show it back they may as well go, to affiliation beggars you can say "hell no"

Follow these rules you'll have no cash to splash out but fully qualified to tell a slag to get her rat out
Don't back down, smoke a bag of baccy in the crack house
Gotta go, gotta go and put another slapper's back out!


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