Her Breath On Glass - Scars On Porcelain (Theta)

Scars On Porcelain (Theta)

By Her Breath On Glass

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Her Breath On Glass - Scars On Porcelain (Theta) Lyrics

It isn't always like this there were times staying up late telling our history like
Birds falling through snow we could never go too far chasing dreams akin to chasing lightning do you remember, do you remember raise it like fingerprints
You don't have to be ashamed to some degree we are all made up of those kinds of moments
That look that says kiss me without strings we spent the night listening to records bright eyes have never felt so good always pick the loser to win your hands spoke a promise to never expect from me that which i could not give cars with one headlight - eleven : eleven -shallow water - shooting stars - tracing your outline - anything you wish upon any way to explain that this could really be happening


And i know i must be leaving but you sure do feel warm tonight, don't breathe so heavy
I'll wait for you even after the stars stop shining and everything truly fades to blue, i'll be waiting for you long after you forget what passion is


And we are made up of nervous endings she likes to think he likes to feel
She likes to think he likes to feel these mishaps come in different shapes some like dreams and some like scars (where do you see yourself) and it makes me wonder have you ever been held by a melody...


These vows i swear to you...


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