Kill The Vultures - The Vultures

The Vultures

By Kill The Vultures

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Kill The Vultures - The Vultures Lyrics

[Verse 1: Advizer]
Young divorcees, flock like vultures
To where my corpse lay, subjects are vulgar
They tried to warn me 'bout playing a boulder
And chiseling myself into a sculpture
Ruptured lungs pull chemicals from soda cans
Tryna suck the love back into this older man
So, take my corroded hand, place it in their sight
Shut in containers and sealed off air-tight
Gasping for breath, head on your granite chest
Like hands on my neck, time bandits got no time left
All of my golden years now viewed as stolen goods
Gray in my golden beard, decay in my swollen foot

[Chorus x4: All]
Kill the vultures
Before they dine on all of us

[Verse 2: Nomi]
My heart can't pound like the pow wow drums
To the prairie lands that I was raised from
Hung and sung with the souls at church
'Fore I put my palm in the collection plate
Hands don't work with the dirt of earth
You can dig my style or strip me bare
Told this child to defend his turf
So he never left and he died right there
Need not build no viking ship
No fine pine box for a polished stiff
Decompose in the open view
So the people'll know what we went through

[Verse 3: Crescent Moon]
Well, must have been, something I said
Woke up to a twenty on her side of the bed
Flesh room bleeding, red ants feeding
Black sand steaming, left for dead
Too late for talkin' or shoreline walkin'
The least you can do is put one in my head
I treated her good like a real man would
Gave her my dough and some of my bread
Last look she gave was a circling vulture
The kind that waits 'till you're dead to insult ya
Like to think I could move in like her too
Probably just lay here and become bird food

[Chorus x4: All]
Kill the vultures
Before they dine on all of us


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