Lil Weeb - SWITCH


By Lil Weeb

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Lil Weeb - SWITCH Lyrics

(He, he, he, Haruhi)

Shawty said she like me (she like me)
No wifey, no waifu (no wifu)
She might be
The right one one
But I don't even like you (like you)
It's likely you highkey
Just tryna be the wifey (wifey)
Just tryna live your life b
Live pricy and icy
So miss with that hi g
I see you acting shyly
I see you tryna trap me, i'm no Travis you no kylie
Shawty look like Tifa
A diva
She needs to (she need to)
Lure another man then forget them like amnesia (amnesia)
I don't need her (i don't need her)
She a schemer (she a schemer)
Money bag stealer
Heartbreak dealer
2d girl is all I ever need yeah
Skrt and hit the dab
Tell my 3d girl cya (cya)
Waifu sailor (sailor)
Hold the blade like saber (like saber)
I ain't never love a hoe tonight I'm tryna save her (save her)
Can I savor (can I savor)
Shokugeki flavor (flavor)
Soma in the kitchen
I'll whip it up as a favor (as a favor)

[Verse 2]
I don't need her, but I need her
She a schemer, heartbreak dealer
Aye, yeah
She a Kylie but I wanna Miley
High key, Hannah Montana with the Y-3's (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Sit tightly, barkin' and ill bite g
Slightly, then ill put your body under 9 feet (yeah, yeah, yeah)
In the ground
What the f**k you gonna do to me?
Rude to me?
Shawty, man that isn't f**king new to me (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Screw with me, then I'm going yandere like Kurumi (ha, ha,ha)
Bullet to my head because of everything you do to me (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ok ok, ah
Switching lanes like a metro
And everybody with the team u know we're keeping it retro (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I gotta death note from the death row, longest list from the get-go and everybody who might disagree I hope that you let go
Cause imma f**king reject
Everything I regret
Coming up to my life, you gotta earn my f**king respect
Everything inside just like a f**king computer because I wake up in the past and never think of the future
Lil weeb and kuudere and kuudere f**k you tsundere, yeah
Aye, so f**k you

(He, he, he, Haruhi)


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