Moxxie Anderchild - Mic Check Number 7

Mic Check Number 7

By Moxxie Anderchild

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Moxxie Anderchild - Mic Check Number 7 Lyrics

I'm trying to get knowledge so I'm going to college/ but it took all my cash so now im so broke I can't buy a joke or beats/ almost out on the streets can't afford real beats so I got my homie Doctor dee aka Phrosty on the beat box/ rappin clean like some fresh socks tight like Fort Knox im fly as a flock of hawks/my name is Moxx/ you know my talk rocks and as my feet walk/ through the winter blues its’ time to choose your crews if you booze you lose make you snooze outside with no shoes you’ll die cuz its too cold and it’s getting too old/ to take/ anti up well I fold/ this ice has me slippin and Bethel security’s trippin they wanna bleed me dry with fines for not parking in the red lines or when they're full, the lot behind/ it’s been on my mind cuz they're supposed to protect us but they're just a threat t’us /it’s more stress I don’t need and rules are rules I concede but if enforced by fools it’s a shame indeed that avarice and greed may supersede the actual need for justice/ that’s why i say no when you ask “do you trust us.” The lust for power’s got you trying to bust us/ but enough gray skies it won't get me down Ima turn the negative around cuz of the joy I found in Jesus’ love/ so Ima show love instead of an angry shove or indifferent shrug/ I wanna show ya’ll grace an make the world a better place/ no more judgin by race make hate vanish without a trace/ and leave sin erased /bringin real freedom to this lonely place /it’s a holy taste let’s raise the roof like some bread that’s leavened/ and I pray I’ll see you all in heaven/ I know you wanna crank this track to eleven… but you can sit back down, cuz this was just mic check number 7


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