Ownlane - On Me

On Me

By Ownlane

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Ownlane - On Me Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ownlane CJ]
Aw shit free pros, I caught another ham
I know you heard about me I put the S in scam
Same Meijer's three times I can't go again
3 5 of cookie in this wood I can't blow a gram
I stay Somerset shoppin' you at Eastland
Hit for five then rerock that's a freeband
In my DM's tryna f**k she a freak fan
Post a pic with my niggas got yo bitch tryna three man
Whole bag of Perkies I'on need Xans
12 hundred Christian Loubs- I'on need Vans
Way the bitch ride the dick, she dont need hands
One thing my mama always told me, I'on need friends
Pole on me, 10 thousand got a roll on me
Yo bitch on me, young boss, im niggas big homie

[Verse 2: Ownlane Dre]
Big homie, Im these lil niggas big homie
Either we f**kin' or Im gone, quit playin' tricks on me
Lil bitch all on my horn like you gon' trick on me
Nawl bitch I'on got no change this 20 strips on me
His hoe then liked bout 20 pics, I think this bitch want me
Hit J. Aleys on the reg, I think this shit Coney
I can't hang with new niggas a lot of shit phony
I put some trust up in my dawg and then he switched on me
This bitch tryna set the play she think she slick don't she
3 OT got 20 Jacks that's 56 on em
Them bitches stack so damn high look like a brick on em
Quit tellin' hoes you my mans, nigga you don't know me
Me and bro be in the road they think we Shaq and Kobe
13 hundred for some shoes thats just the Christian on me

[Verse 3: Ownlane JB]
Turnt nigga, Yea bitch im that turnt nigga
I murk niggas, hit his bitch I know that hurt nigga
Slips on me, all blues she wanna lick on me
Suck on me, Pulled it out she like "don't bust on me"
I ain't gone bust on you, But naw bitch get on this bus for me
Stuff for me, get these blues to the O for me

[Verse 4: Ownlane Ty]
Buffs on me, Seen the roll got her stuck on me
F**k on me, freaky bitch she tryna f**k on me
Lurk on me Lil bitch she tryna twerk on me
Scripts on me, turn around whip out 6 on me

[Verse 5: Ownlane Rizzy]
Bape on me, Bitch scared she seen a ape on me
Drac on me, better chill for yo sake only
Cake on me, 2 hoes they tryna rape on me
At Ruth Chris, mad as hell I spilled some steak on me
Jacks on me, on Big Beaver 20 racks on me

Ain't no cappin' on this bitch we speaking facts only


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