Sicky G - Underdog (One Take)

Underdog (One Take)

By Sicky G

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Sicky G - Underdog (One Take) Lyrics

Sicky, pipe down

[Verse 1]
Roll up on the block
I rock that potential
Somewhat lack credentials
Boss lad
Revolution, hit a cross-map
Steady with the shot
I bomb instrumentals
Bars so dope
You'll be stoned for days
Check the class of the art
In my vocal plays
I'm a local craze, focal laser guided
On charts, master like YO-D-A
Who's next up?
To test, I can sense blood
Got a way with words
If I swing 'em, I connect, bruv
Leicester: the underdog success
I be working 'til I get it
Then we party like we S Club
Blessed one
I'm the second sickest
I respect, bruv
Built a scene with Six
And I'm'a take it 'nother step up
Play me on your Beats
Hear me speak my shit to rhythms
And I guarantee you'll remember my name
Just like my ex' does
(Woo! Woo!)
Don't be mad now; don't "at" me
The fact is: I'm just different
Kind of wacky
Take a razor blade and
Chop my dick off on the table
Mail it to your place
Enable fakers and haters
To taste greatness
Why should i be censored?
Just straight being me
I could be an HP
And not stay PC
I say free speech; lads will run amok
Heads up!
And if you get offended
I got both middle fingers up
While you was out gaining A grades at a base age
I created shit to take my place up on the main stage
They say I gotta level up my A game
But hey, I'm so great: I'll be placed in a display case
Can't fall back
'Cause if it's back I fall; I'm caught
Clone me with the back up
Self support
Homies with their flags up
Hell I could
Only go bone me to back myself some more
Got no time for me?
No that's fine, but see
Don't try come back when my stats spike so violently
I know the ones with my back
They be my OG's
Please join the back of the line
Just go quietly
I flow piracy
'Cause I burn songs
You ain't think I'm the shit
Well you heard wrong
There's no fakes in this clique
They just fade to abyss
I got mates cause no chick is averse wrong
Mr Incredible
I'm bob on par
But no mask is required
Double entendre
I work hard to surpass
So I'm on top of
All you bastards
Embarking on this like moi
No pause
'Til my vocal chords
Sound woeful, atrocious
And broken
Doors won't open
So I stoke the force
And devote woke focus
To growth, of course
I'm told it's wack
Like slap to cheek
To vision that I'd rap for P
And that's that
Stand back and see
I'm back on track
And I have to dream
Crème de la crème
Of the next gen
No restin'
I'm'a be the best
And it's destined
Yo, it's not "if", but "when"
That's the question
Ayy, ayy
Plot twist, I am not The Script
But I'm banned and I've copped the hits
No toss to give
When I'm top dog
With it on lock
You'll be begging me to rock your shit
Like a night sky, I can get dark
But my vibes try to stay up
It's a light breeze now, I could bring the cyclone
Make the mic blow and have you getting bodied on this beat
I can see why people might go
A little psycho when I upload a nice flow
'Cause their 9 to 5 heightens life's lows
While I'm hopping on the hobby
And watching the likes grow
Like it's hydro
Define if I'm pro
Got the talent in the gallons
It's arrogant, I know
But I ain't stacking up the cash yet
So where does the line go?
Well the fact I'm killing raps is a factor
And I've shown
I'm the underdog

I'm The Underdog
Sicky G, one take


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