Starlito - Hope For Love

Hope For Love

By Starlito

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Starlito - Hope For Love Lyrics

Man, I speak for the perspective of a nigga that's out here. All the way out here, Its a lil different from when you just writting songs, playing follow the leader. I just hope all of my niggas know I love em for Im gone. I can't' say it enough, So I wrote it in this song. (repeat)

(Verse 1) Yea, you know Im going throught it. Might not know whats going on. Im just tryna get right, Its so much shit going wrong. All I need is me & doggs, but Im on my own. A couple my best friends in the world I only talk to on the phone. Red gotta quarter century, I visit twice a month. Parking lot of a prison, after I leave, lighting up blunts. Damn, crying & shit. Im tryna quit, I can't explain it it remind me of when I lie to my bitch. The vice ran in my homie spot, I was sitting on the couch. Music good, its to bad a nigga living it out. I gotta get this money now though, I then did without. It's f**ked up in Cashville, we all live in the drought. They shot up Buck truck, & he facing fed time. When they shot up my truck, I ain't make no headlines. Did shoot back though, all 5 shoot out. Some of my loved one's prolly never wold have knew about


(Verse 2) My uncle just came out a coma, then my cousin got cancer. So I pulled up at the Church, but it doesnt have the answer. I dont even blame em, hell my preacher on trial. I listen to him speak, but he can't teach me how to smile. Started hanging in the projects, in the streets. Running wild, Its alot easier to get it, then to keep a 100 tho. Guess I seen to much, you couldn't reach me as a child. Yea, we been living foul, while the police got me on file. Thats why I never ever called em when them niggas tried to kill me. Although my minds corrupetd, Im border line brilliant. Resilliant, only problem is a nigga so militint. That sometime I wanna smash on theses suckers but it ain't no benefit. L told "Lito dont even give em you energy." They just wanna see me at a burial, or sentencein. Heart full of guilt, I told my lawyer. Im innocent, just a nigga with big dreams & they wanna diminish it


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