Gizmo (Rapper) - Angry Reacts Only

Angry Reacts Only

By Gizmo (Rapper)

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Gizmo (Rapper) - Angry Reacts Only Lyrics

[Verse 1: Gizmo]

[Verse 2: Torchfvce]
Ain't it funny how nobody was f**king with me here locally
Now they all up on me made myself a f**king prodigy
Got these bitches thinking "why the hell don't Torchfvce f**k with me?"
Cause where the f**k was y'all when I was really out here struggling
I worked hard and it paid off
Never took no days off
Yo bitch taking her panties off and she text you saying "you laid off"
But I'm still broke with my bills paid
I'm cool with that cause I'm self made
Your parents still paying your way and your daddy's dick is where your lip stayed
I'm smoking dead bodies got cremations in my ashtray
Try and run up on me best believe that its your last day
Leave your body in the sewers where the f**king rats stay
Everything was handed to you but today you came in last place
We were not the kids that grew up making A's and B's
Were the kids that jugged the store for packs of triple C's
The f**k ups skipping class just to smoke some f**king weed
And were the ones you motherf**kers swore would not succeed


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